The first and most important step undertaken by D2 Property in any successful property investment or development is to conduct comprehensive market research, due diligence and feasibility analysis. We immerse ourselves in this process and use detailed analysis techniques including sector research, secular trend analysis, supply/demand models, competition analysis, cash flow modelling, sensitivity analyses, field work and expert interviews.

Property Analysis

As part of our development analysis we consider current and predicted market demand for different property uses (retail, office, residential, serviced apartment and hotel), optimal use and design configurations and alternative planning scenarios.


D2 Property also undertakes careful financial analysis to ensure the viability of any project. This process includes market research, due diligence, feasibility analysis, planning scenario analysis, risk analysis, leverage structure analysis and modelling of partnership/preferred equity structures.


D2 Property combines detailed development analysis and financial analysis to allow the careful selection of general contractors, lenders, urban designers, architects, planners, lawyers and other consultants to create a desirable, marketable, affordable development which yields both a maximal developmental and financial outcome.

Creative process

We carefully manage the creative process to ensure that the creative input of the designers is integrated and co-ordinated with the overall development and financial objectives of the project.


We collaborate with our client, the consultants and the statutory authorities to achieve the expeditious granting of a development consent.


We manage the entire development, construction and marketing process in order to deliver a project to the client which is consistent with the original design concept and projected financial outcomes.


To secure sufficient sales to confirm commencement of construction funding, if necessary. 


To manage and integrate the services of the building contractor, quantity surveyor, unions, OH&S interests and to ensure that the project is completed on budget and on time.


To ensure that the completed project is consistent with the project marketing documents, to ensure that sales may proceed to settle promptly.


To ensure that the original design concepts and strategies survive the construction process.


To ensure that all of the requirements of the construction lender are satisfied to ensure the expeditious completion of the process.


Provide final reporting on every aspect of the development, and final financial reporting.